Woman shares her incredible method for easily cleaning her leather couch

Must See 26/05/2020

A woman has shared an amazing hack for cleaning leather sofas, which she says whipped away stains traditional leather cleaner wouldn't budge. 

Taking to Facebook group Kmart Mums, the Australian mother revealed dissolving a little Dove soap into a spray bottle of water left her leather lounge suite the cleanest it's been in years. 

"So I had to share cause it's just too good not to!" she wrote in the post, explaining it took about an hour to dissolve the soap in around 800mls of warm water. 

"[I| transferred to a spray bottle, sprayed an area at a time and used a microfibre cloth to rub the lounge. 

"I honestly didn't even have to scrub very hard, the built-in stains that I couldn't remove with a leather cleaner just wiped away!"

The woman said the soap conditions the couch at the same time, so no leather conditioner was needed after cleaning. 

"Seriously try it! I did my whole lounge in less than 30 mins."

The post racked up over 1500 likes, with incredible 'before and after' comparison photos which left commenters beside themselves. 

"That is AMAZING," wrote one commenter

"Definitely trying this!" wrote another. 

"Your place would have smelt heavenly," wrote another. 

Others recommended Lux soap flakes in place of Dove, but warned it could sometimes dry out fabric.