Woman reveals her secret recipe to the best crispy potatoes is none other than Marmite

Food 25/05/2020

Heading into the winter months, warm roast potatoes are one of the best dishes to add to your dinner plate.

But how do you get potatoes with the perfect crisp crunch?

One woman claims to have found the secret, and it’s a little obscure to say the least!

The woman, who is a food blogger Beth, shared the simple step-by-step recipe to her Instagram account and you only need five ingredients.

Beth wrote: "I’ll be cooking some of these later for my tea and as I always get asked how I make them I thought I’d post the recipe again for those that want to try these beauties."

All you need to make these delicious looking potatoes is some salt and pepper, oil or Frylight as well as the star of the show, Marmite.

She explained: "To make, peel and par boil some potatoes (7 ish minutes) then drain and drizzle Marmite (2tsp-ish) all over them" and also revealed that she sometimes heats a spoon before digging into the Marmite pot to make it easier to get it out.

“Then spray a glass roaster/baking tray with frylight (oil) and tip the potatoes into it! Shake the roaster/tray so that the marmite spreads on all of the potatoes and then spray them with more fry light😁 Cook in the oven until nice and crispyyyyy😍 To make them extra crispy and marmite’y... every 20 minutes cover with more marmite and spray with frylight again😊 I never have a roast without these now🖤”