Woman discovers dishwasher baking utensil hack that many had no idea about

Must See 06/05/2020

Every household has a slightly different technique when it comes to loading the dishwasher.

Whether your cutlery goes in the drawer facing up or down (or laying on the side of the cutlery shelf!) or you stacks bowls up top or down below - there really is no right or wrong way to stack a dishwasher.

But one nifty Aussie woman, who dabbles in homebaking, has discovered a little dishwasher hack that she had no idea about previously.

She decided to share it online on the Mums Who Clean Facebook page and it seemed many other woman had no idea about the ‘hack’ either.

The woman revealed how she uses the spikes that hold cup and mugs on the top rack of her dishwasher to also hold her measuring cups.

With most measuring cups featuring a hole in the handle, Judi says you simply thread the long spike into the hole to secure it in place.

It means your measuring cups won’t get tossed around during the dishwashing cycle.