Woman claims this unusual Coca Cola hack is the key to a perfect slow-cooker roast

Food 11/05/2020

As we head into winter, more and more people might start getting out the slow cooker.

Here's an unusual hack that one slow cooker lover swears by... Adding a can of Coke!

"Easily the best roast I’ve ever made and the fact that it’s easy is mind-blowing. I’ve made at least 9 different kinds of roasts and this is my go-to, never-look-back, make-once-a-week-miracle. I mix the soda and soup together. I’ve tried Diet Coke and it was disgusting."

All you need is cream of mushroom soup, onion soup mix, your roast and a can of Coke.

"Put the roast in, then sprinkle the seasoning packet on top of the roast. I flip it half way. The longer you can roast the better. I do 12 hours on high."

"For years I wondered why my roast was always dry and it’s because I was under cooking it!"

This slow cooker lover swears by it - but not everyone agreed...

"Look at that lovely piece of beef," one person wrote,"I know - I'll pour loads of diluted sugar all over it. Not for me, thanks."

Is this hack one of those things you'd try out at home?