Whakaari / White Island survivor shares heartwarming video reuniting with her dog

Must See 18/05/2020

It was about 6 months ago that Whakaari/White Island suddenly erupted, tragically seeing many people's lives changed forever.

Some people didn't make it through the erupution and those that did still face a long journey to recovery.

One woman who was on the island when it erupted was Stephanie, and taking to her social media account she shared a heartwarming moment of a rare day-leave from hospital where she got to be reunited with her precious dog - on the dog's birthday!

Captioning the gorgeous photos of the pair reuniting on her Instagram, Stephanie wrote: 

"So after nearly 6months in hospital and definitely over 6 months since I’ve seen my fur baby, I finally got approval for Day leave. On my beautiful baby’s 1st birthday!!! 🥳🥳"

"And to say I got the best welcome back hug and cuddles from my dog is honestly an understatement! Mum had to try and stop him from jumping on me so I wouldn’t get clawed (she failed miserably and I honestly didn’t care lol). God he’s gotten amazingly larger since I last saw him as well 😯. But today couldn’t have been any better and it felt amazing to be back in my home even if it was just for a day."

You are so brave, Stephanie and we are so happy you got to see your pup again.