The time of day you shower can hugely impact your mood says expert

health 19/05/2020

Showering and bathing is obviously hugely important for hygiene and cleanliness - and its an added bonus that they can also be incredibly relaxing.

Psychologist Judy Rosenberg has recently spoken about how our showeing habits can impact our mental health and moods.

"Bathing habits can help our overall mood and well-being by keeping us on a regular schedule and helping our immune system, which can be beneficial during the current pandemic." she said.

So here is how your showering habits can impact your mood...

Morning showers...

  • Help set you up for the day and feel more organised
  • Promote creativity
  • Reboots your body mentally and physically after sleeping

Afternoon showers...

  • Helps to re-energise if you're feeling slow
  • Not optimal compared to other times of day

Evening showers...

  • Relaxes you before bed time
  • Can help to mentally 'wash away the day'

She also had some interesting comments about how the pandemic and lockdowns can impact our hygeine habits...

"For many, this pandemic has created a loss of control."

"Yet, there are still things we have control over and as simple as it sounds, our own personal hygiene and routine is one of them."

"One way I can gauge the mental health of a patient is by observing their grooming and hygiene," she says. "Being clean and hygienic is an indicator of self-esteem and self-care… Self-care communicates to you that you are important and worth it."