Tea lovers distraught after video shows person making tea using water first, teabag last

Food 05/05/2020

Uh oh! A person who posted how they make their tea via video online has felt the wrath of tea lovers around the world.

The video has been labelled ‘painful to watch’ and has made any people winch just by watching the persons tea-making process.

A clip posted to TikTok, to the sound of the EastEnders theme tune, is captioned 'How to destroy a British person in 15 seconds' and has racked up more than 730,000 views.

It begins with a mug being filled up with boiling water before a generous serving of milk is added.

Next comes the sugar before, finally, the tea bag is dunked in and unceremoniously removed after just a few seconds.

Just for good measure, a Jaffa cake is tossed in before the whole cup is emptied onto the pavement outide.

It was successful in its goal to trigger the fury of Brits across the nation, who have flooded the comments for the video with almost 8,000 replies.


A second commented: "How dare you post this! Imma have to listen to God Save the Queen to calm me down!"

Another demanded: "First. TEA BAG FIRST."