Rod Stewart reveals he uses the 'inheritance' line when wanting to hang with his kids

music news 29/05/2020

Just because you're one of eight kids, doesn't mean you can miss out on spending quality time with dad, Rod Stewart!

Sir Rod has revealed a typical line he often pulls out when it comes to kids and their busy schedules.

Speaking candidly to the Daily Mirror, Rod said it’s hard rounding all his kids up: “They always have plans... So I say, ‘If you don’t come, it is coming out of your inheritance’. So they show up.”

Rod has eight kids to five different, absolutely stunning women.

He has a daughter, Sarah, 56, from a teenage relationship, Kimberly, 40, and Sean, 39, from his marriage to Alana Stewart; and Ruby, 32, from his relationship with Kelly Emberg.

He also has Renee, 27, and Liam, 25, with second wife Rachel Hunter.

With his current wife Penny, he shares two sons together, Alastair, 14 and nine-year-old Aiden.

He also revealed he is tougher with his older children and said he instilled in them that they must "earn their living".

He added: “With the older kids I say, ‘You have got to do it yourself, prove to me you can earn your living’. And that is what they do. But the two youngest keep me young, beyond doubt."

He admitted while he tries not to spoil the youngest two, it can be hard.

“It is a fine line between spoiling them and depriving them. I sort of go either way. Penny is much better than I am – I’ll give them anything," Rod explained.