Robbie Williams reveals his ‘fear and panic’ after his dad’s recent Parkinson’s diagnosis

Must See 25/05/2020

Robbie Williams has opened up to fans about his dad’s recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, and the ‘fear and panic’ he has endured since the diagnosis and the fact he can’t fly from L.A to the UK to be with him due to lockdown restrictions.

Speaking to The Mirror Robbie said: "We’ve got a lot of family issues right now. My dad has got Parkinson’s, my mother-in-law who I love dearly has got a very big illness. We can’t get to them. My dad is thousands of miles away."

 "My mum is just a year short of 80 and she’s in isolation and I can see the things whirling in her mind and her eyes going." he continued.

Robbie has also opened up in the past about his struggles with anxiety and depression, something that he admits still is ever-so-slightly in his mind, but he is dealing with it better now than when he did a decade ago.

“I noticed at the start of the lockdown that I was going into fear. But the difference between me now and the person I used to be... I saw it, thought 'That’s interesting – tomorrow will be different'. And it was." Robbie also noted.