Robbie Williams reveals he has five TV shows in the works

music news 26/05/2020

Robbie Williams is set to be one busy guy!

Between being a loving husband, a doting dad and a fabulous musician, he has revealed he is adding a pretty big project to his plate!

And by project, we mean projects.

The 'Angels' singer is set to rival Simon Cowell and create his own TV empire.

Speaking to The Sunday Mirror newspaper, Robbie said: "There is a new avenue that I am moving into - TV. I am very, very excited about it."

"I hope we go back to normal soon because I have got so many TV ideas that I wanna do a myriad, a smorgasbord."

"There is literally so many. I have got five in the works right now. It is such an early stage I daren't talk about it."

While Robbie is still remaining rather tight-lipped about his projects, we can't wait to see what they are!