People are shocked after realising the real age of The Simpsons

Must See 21/05/2020

When it comes to cartoons, no one really gives their age a second thought. And why should they? It's just like they're frozen in time.

The likes of Mr. Burns, Homer, Marge and Lisa will always appear to be the same age - even though The Simpsons tv show has been running for longer than 30 years.

So, when an unearthed screenshot of Homer Simpsons driving license was rediscovered by fans not too long ago, many were left perplexed at his real age.

It turns out the yellow cartoon dad recently turned 64 years old as it stated he was born on 12 May 1956.

The show first aired in 1989, but made their debut in 1987 on The Tracey Ullman Show. So, using some great math, the journalists at worked out the ages of The Simpsons characters.


Two clues throughout the series point to the fact that Mrs. Simpson would be turning 67 this year.


Thanks to his tenth birthday party in Season 3, Metro safely predicted that if Bart was to age accurately throughout the show he would now be 43.


Lisa is eight years old, and just like Bart, celebrates her birthday in the third season during an episode titled Stark Raving Dad... so she would now be 41.


If this was real life, Maggie would not be in her blue onesie and sucking her dummy! The youngest Simpson would be 34 years old.


No one at Metro could find Mr. Burns real age. But using an educated guess, they placed him in between the ages of 114 and 137. So he is very old.


Using an episode in season ten, time would state that Ned is now 93 years old.