Mum amazed to find six double-yolk eggs in one carton - a ‘one in 10 trillion’ chance

Food 28/05/2020

Your chances of finding a double-yolk egg in your standard dozen is about 1 in 1,000 - so the chances of finding SIX are pretty darn slim. But that’s exactly what happened to Aussie mum Corrine Finch.

Finding her first pair of double-yolks when making breakfast on a Tuesday, Corrine was pretty shocked to find two more again on Wednesday. When Thursday rolled around and she cracked open two more eggs, amazingly another two double-yolks hit the pan. 

Corrine shared her half-dozen finds on her Instagram story, captioning ‘What are the odds?!’ - which it turns out could be as low as one in 10 trillion. 

Younger chickens are more likely to have eggs with two yolks, and eggs in the same box tend to be from hens in the same coop that are the same age. So if you were to find a second egg with a double yolk in the same box as a first, the odds drop to about one in 100. So multiplying the first odds of 1,000 by the second odds of 100, then again by 100 for the following four eggs with double yolks, you’d end up with one in 10 trillion chance. 

The BBC say it’s not quite as simple as that though - you need to factor in that double-yolked eggs are bigger, making them more likely to be grouped together by size. We still think it’s pretty incredible odds though.

People crave the double-yolk buzz so much so that the UK even sells guaranteed double-yolk egg cartons, pre-scanned to ensure there are 24 yolks per dozen. So Corinne should count herself lucky she just got them by chance!