Incredible 'Proud Mary' performance earns 12-year-old the golden buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent

Must See 01/05/2020

An absolutely incredible performance from 12-year-old Fayth Ifil received a standing ovation from the audience and all four judges on Britain’s Got Talent this week, particularly catching the attention of Simon Cowell. 

After belting out an amazing rendition of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Proud Mary’, Fayth received Cowell’s Golden Buzzer, meaning she gets sent straight through to the semi-finals. 

Watch the touching moment in the video above.

Fayth has been singing since she was eight years old, having previously performed in West End productions including Tina Turner: The Musical and School of Rock, but that didn’t make her any less nervous for her Britain’s Got Talent audition. 

“Singing in front of Simon was definitely a bit more nerve-wracking. I was definitely more nervous,” she said, going on to talk about the experience. 

"It was a really amazing experience for me. The crowd were electric. I was so shocked and overwhelmed, that I didn’t think it was going to be him pushing the golden buzzer! I didn’t even expect one,”

Due to the global pandemic, Fayth is yet to hear from Cowell about the delayed semi-finals, but she already has a few ideas about what she’d like to do for her next performance:

“I want it to have a meaning to it, I still want to inspire people with the song that I sing. It’s not going to be any old random song, it’s going to be a positive song,” she said.