Golden retriever goes viral for refusing to keep walking with his owner

Must See 01/05/2020

An Australian golden retriever has gone viral around the world for refusing to get up while out on a walk with her owner. 

The dog, Elsie, was caught on camera refusing to walk while her owner, Mike Cook, tried everything to get her to move. The hilarious moment was then posted to social media app TikTok by user Kayla Evans, where it has been viewed by tens of millions of people. 

You can watch Elsie at work below:

"We were just out with our neighbours one afternoon, having some drinks we were watching the dogs walking past. And this man walks past and all of a sudden his dog just stops and does not want to move,” said camerawoman Kayla.

"It went on for a few minutes and it was just so funny, we were in tears we just could not get over it."

People speculated on social media that maybe the dog had been walked so much during isolation that she was fed up. But owner Mike thinks the tantrum was purely because she hadn’t had dinner yet and was protesting - he said the moment caught on camera wasn’t a one-off occurrence:

"We live about 100 metres from where that video was taken, let's put it this way when we turned around to go home, she ran home," he said. 

"If she's not in the mood for walking, you're just not going anywhere. She'll just drop, play dead. There's nothing you can do. You've just got to do pretty much whatever the dog wants,”

"She is just a really moody dog. If she doesn't want to do something, she won't do it."

Elsie even went viral for doing the exact same thing back in 2017 at Burleigh Hill on Queensland's Gold Coast. Onlookers couldn’t stop laughing, and Elsie seemed to only be encouraged by the support.

You can watch Elsie's first viral video below: