George Michael’s praised as his secret generosity revealed

music news 05/05/2020

George Michael was an artist loved by many, and while the world went into mourning when the Wham! star sadly passed away, incredible music wasn’t the only legacy he left behind.

Only recently, a secret long-held by his close family and friends has come to light.

George shared a huge chunk of his wealth to those in need.

No charity or person was beneath him and he helped anyone from debt-ridden strangers to heartbroken women desperate to be mothers.

From single-handedly keeping charities afloat to paying for hundreds of disabled kids to go to Lapland, Mirror UK has reported on just some of George Michael’s generosity.

A children’s helpline in the UK has revealed that over the course of a few years, the secret donations Michael made would equal the sum of over a million dollars. This money meant he helped thousands of children gain access to a support person to help them through their struggling times.

Two women have revealed that George helped them pay for their IVF treatment. One of them he discovered while watching Deal Or No Deal when she admitted on the show that the reason she was there was to win some money to pay for her fertility treatment.

So many more people have come out of the woodwork, telling their stories of how hugely George Michael helped them.

Student nurses had parts of their student loan paid by the singer, countless homeless shelters were graced with him donating his time and cash, many charities saw portions of his earnings and he lent his voice to a plethora of charity singles.

What a truly great, talented man George Michael was.