Foodies in lockdown are obsessing over the new Pancake cereal food trend

Food 05/05/2020

The newest trend popping up on social media app TikTok is 'pancake cereal' - bowls filled with tiny pancakes, topped with whatever you like. If you've been indulging in delicious pancake breakfasts throughout lockdown, consider this version a level up. 

TikTok user Sydney Melhoff claims to have started the trend in her now-viral video, but many fellow social media users have made the dish their own. 

If you want to try it yourself, begin by pouring tiny dot-sized circles of batter onto a hot pan. Some TikTok users recommend a piping bag or squeeze bottle to control the process of pouring out such small amounts. 

Using the smallest spatula you have, flip them once bubbles begin to show on each pancake - it won't take long. Then spoon them into a bowl and choose your toppings.

Some people are treating the little pancakes like actual cereal and dousing them into bowls of milk. Others are eating them with sliced fruit, maple syrup and butter, like you would with a regular-sized batch. Instagram user Sam Schnur, known as The Naughty Fork, added mini M&Ms and chocolate chips to her recipe - we're definitely fans. 

Schnur told Today that a similar dish "has been around for quite a while in the Netherlands".

"They're called poffertjes and are usually made with butter and sugar," she explained. 

"However, I'm using pancake batter, which is a little different, so we can call them mini pancakes."

It's not the most nutritious breakfast you can have, but it sure tops the list for the most exciting.