Crafty woman turns old tyres into amazing coffee tables and ottomans

Must See 15/05/2020

This crafty woman is going viral online after sharing the results of her amazing DIY work. 

Using some old tyres, the woman gathered up some material and totally transformed them. She simply covered the tyres in material, added wood for a table top, followed by some sturdy legs - and the job was complete.

Such a simple and clever way of reusing some old tyres you may find around the place - plus the finished products are pretty neat too!

Since posting images of her work on Facebook, the internet quickly lauded the woman with praise.

"What an amazing idea," one person said.

"I love these, been looking for ideas and you have inspired me." added someone else.

"Omg you are so very clever it looks beautiful an so stylish" another chimed in.

So if you need a DIY project for winter, give this a whirl!