Captain Tom Moore delivers special message of hope to the Queen after being knighted

Must See 21/05/2020

The world's hero, 100-year-old Captain Tom Moore, has been knighted for his incredible fundraising efforts for the UK's health service.

Appearing on Britian's breakfast show Good Morning Britian, Sir Tom gave his special message to Her Majesty the Queen.

"I’m absolutely thrilled that Her Majesty has decided or chosen for me to be knighted it really is a great honour - it’s nothing I anticipated, I never believed it would happen to me."

"The Queen is so gracious she has bestowed this honour on me and I’m thrilled. It never ever entered my head that something like this would happen to me."

When asked by Piers Morgan what he will say to The Queen when he eventually gets knighted by her, Sir Tom joked, "The discussion between me and the Queen will have to be kept secret and no one will know what the Queen says. I will say, ‘Thank you very much Queen.’"