A UB40 film is on the way, confirms Ali Campbell

music news 27/05/2020

UB40's Ali Cambell has revealed that a movie biopic about the band is on the way - and it will tell the turbulent story of the band from Ali's side of the story.

He has also revealed he will not be asking for permission to make the film from his siblings.

Fans of the band will know that it has never been plain sailing within the group who have been at war with each other over the right to use the band's name when they tour.

Ali left the band in 2008, due to a dispute with management, and he's been doing solo tours.

In 2014, he started performing as UB40 featuring Ali, Astro and Mickey, as he reunited with his bandmates, but they weren't allowed to simply call themselves UB40 after facing legal action.

Speaking to reporters, Ali said: "I'm talking to Bill Curbishley, who manages us.

"He made Tommy and Quadrophenia (with The Who), so I'm always badgering him to be involved in getting a script done."

"Everyone says, 'You have to make a movie because a lot of what has happened, you couldn't make it up - it beggars belief."

"So once somebody gets their teeth into the project, it will happen and it would be good."

Ali continued: "I wouldn't bother trying to get rights."

"I would tell it how it was instead of all the crap written from their side. It would be great."

Fans can also expect a new record from UB40 featuring Ali, Astro and Mickey.

Ali said: "Astro and I have been writing, so it will be reggae, of course."

"The stuff we put down already sounds fresh and different. It will be both covers and originals."