Robbie Williams records new version of ‘Come On Eileen’

music news 14/04/2020

Much to many fans delight, Robbie Williams has recorded some brand new music - and we have some insight on one of the songs.

Debuting it on an Instagram Live, Robbie revealed one of his new songs samples Dexy Midnight Runner’s famous song Come On Eileen.

''I am going to sing you a song now that I probably shouldn't sing you.” Robbie said on the livestream.

''I did it the other day and I had so much fun doing it.”

''It's one of mine and it's unreleased. But it's a song that you can get on board with because I think you might know a little bit of it already.''

In the lyrics, Robbie sings about a woman on a drunken night out.

The lyrics included: ''She takes her money and drinks it on a Saturday, her and her friends just p**sing the night away.”

''Her mother says she's always been a disappointment, another night another casual arrangement . . .  We take off our clothes.”

''But she's the best I've seen at singing 'Come On Eileen'.''

It's not clear if Robbie plans to release the song.

But we hope he does!