People named Emily are more likely to cheat in board games according to survey

Must See 28/04/2020

We’ve all been playing a heck of a lot more board games than usual these last few weeks, but apparently those of us in a bubble with anyone named Emily need to be on the lookout for rule-breaking. 

Why? Because a new survey by UK marketing agency Boutique has found that women named Emily are most likely to cheat in board games.

When asking the British public who in their family were most likely to cheat, the most commonly named and shamed were Emily’s. Feel free to give any Emily you know the dirty side-eye now. 

So who were next most likely to cheat then? Well for the girls, anyone named Megan, Hannah, Georgia or Claire (in that order) were the most likely to bend the rules in board game play. 

In the male corner, those guys named Ashley were most likely to pull a fast one on their friends and family during board games, closely followed by those named William, then Scott, Callum and Isaac.

So moral of the story, if you have anyone named Emily, Megan, Hannah, Georgia, Claire, Ashley, William, Scott, Callum or Isaac in your bubble, your probably going to want to keep an extra close eye on them during Monopoly, Risk, Catan or whatever your fave game of the moment is.