People can't agree if this 'lasagna sandwich' looks delicious or disgusting

Food 14/04/2020

How about this for an odd food fusion? A lasagna sandwich!

The creation was recently shared on the 'Rate My Place' Facebook page where it quickly sparked a heated debate…

"Don't you get enough carbs with the pasta sheets? I couldn't stomach that combo." one person wrote.

"Lasagne = Good, Sandwich = Good. A Lasagne Sandwich, I think I'd like to try this 🤔." added someone else.

But others were completely sold on the idea, with some confessing to eating the sandwich often!

"Only do this the morning after when the lasagne is cold and firmed up. Delish" one wrote.

"My fave way to have my leftover lasagna, Make sure there’s plenty of butter on the bread first." added another.

What do you make of the controversial sandwich?