Man makes his lifelong dream come true by creating his own giant Creme Egg


We all have dreams in life, but this man has gone viral after ticking something (a little unusual) off his bucket list.

With Easter just around the corner, this UK man embarked on a mission to complete a lifelong dream... Creating a giant Creme Egg!

"First night drinking in nearly 8 weeks and I'm in my kitchen with a whisky, cutting up creme eggs, taking out the creme and trying to make a massive Easter egg from it.. It’s always been a dream of mine!" he wrote on Twitter.

His game plan was to cut a hollow egg in half, fill it with actual creme egg mixture and seal it back together...

Once completed, the man chowed down on the sugary goo in celebration - admitting that the sweetness made him quite parched!

"I'll be honest, there's absolutely no chance I could eat it in one go." he said.

"Managed about a third the first night, then the same the next two nights."

Behold the finished product! We're sure you could do this at home pretty easily - but eating it by yourself might not be the best idea... Chocolate is all about moderation - right?