Man is in disbelief discovering life-changing carrot peeling technique

Must See 30/04/2020

Vegetable peelers are one of the first tools of the kitchen we learn to use - but it’s possible that you could have been wrong about the peeling technique all this time.

One man by the name of Tim claims we've all been using vegetable peelers 'wrong' after he discovered what he thinks is a 'game-changing' hack.

According to The Mirror, Tim's girlfriend had told him about the hack the week before, which he finally put into practice as he prepared his bolognese sauce.

Filming his reaction to the camera, he is in disbelief that the peeler is not meant for one downward stroke action, but can be used to peel both up and down - saving time.

"This was my genuine reaction as I hadn't tried it before this. I was incredulous,” Tim said.

"I never imagined it would get so much interest online. I thought a couple of my mates would call me 'boring' for posting it, but it's blown up.”

"I think it just shows that we all need a bit of a laugh at the moment.”

"I love cooking as it's good stress relief and the slow cooker is just so easy. I like to make a good curry in it, I make a sensational Thai green curry. I'll be using this technique in the future. It's life changing."

Check out Tim’s reaction in the video above.