Local postman dresses up as different character each day to go and his job

Must See 07/04/2020

What a fun way to bring some smiles to local neighbourhoods!

While most of us good people are keeping to the rules and obeying the lockdown laws, our essential workers are still out their doing their job to keep our communities functioning. And what a tremendous job they are doing at that!

One local postie in the United Kingdom has taken it upon himself to spread a little joy to his area by arriving to deliver the mail in different costumes.

He was told he could do his rounds in the outfits so long as he wore his ID and company shoes, and the father-of-two says he has a drawer-full of costumes waiting to get a showing.

So far he has stepped out as a cheerleader, Little Bo Peep and a Gladiator. 

We bet everyone waits in anticipation for their mail to be delivered so that they can see what he will turn up in next!