Kiwi bird caught breaking 'bubble' and wandering into someone's kitchen

Must See 10/04/2020

One naughty little Kiwi has been captured on camera intentionally breaking into someone else's bubble on Great Barrier Island.

The nosey Kiwi broke lockdown rules and roamed around the kitchen of a DOC Ranger's house on Great Barrier Island.

"Communication channels can be pretty hit and miss on Te Hauturu-o-Toi/Little Barrier Island Nature Reserve and someone clearly didn’t pass the memo onto this kiwi that social distancing be applied between Kiwis not in your ‘bubble’" the Department of Conservation wrote on an Instagram caption accompanying the video.

"Check out this clip taken by resident rangers capturing a teenage kiwi that invited himself in to have a little nosy around their home!"

"The rangers did not want to stress the bird by attempting to catch it, so they quietly stood by and watched to see what it would do next. The kiwi casually made its way through the dining room and kitchen, before slowly heading out the kitchen door, down the ramp, and back into the forest."

"Kiwi are normally nocturnal, but it is not uncommon to see them during the day. On Hauturu, the rangers had recently seen kiwi drinking from their garden pond due to recent dry conditions. Their observations concluded that this kiwi was neither distressed nor dehydrated, just curious. A day later they found the kiwi in their garden dining on a centipede."

So cute!