Jane Fonda brings back her famous 80s exercise routines for lockdown

Must See 07/04/2020

She may be 82, but the fabulous Jane Fonda can still move!

The actress has jumped on newly-popular social media platform Tik Tok to reinvent some of her popular 1980s workouts for the newer generation.

"My name is Jane Fonda and I'm going to bring back the Jane Fonda Workout during this home sequestration," she said in a video.

"Come and do it with me," she encouraged, as she laid down on one side on an exercise mat before instructing viewers to lift and lower their legs.

Fonda later shares she hopes TikTok users will not only join her for a workout but to help her save the environment.

"You know what there are too many workouts happening right now on televisions and computers. What I'd really like you to do is to workout with me for the planet. There's a climate crisis that's a real emergency. So whether you're on a couch or a yoga mat, would you join me for the virtual Fire Drill Fridays?"

Last year, Fire Drill Fridays saw Fonda protesting outside the Capitol Building in Washington D.C., urging elected officials to address the climate crisis.