Elderly man's hilariously detailed shopping instructions for his son go viral

Must See 07/04/2020

Amid this Coronavirus Pandemic, its important that we take care of the elderly and vulnerable in our lives. In many cases that can mean shopping on their behalf!

This woman has gone viral on Twitter after showing the extremely detailed shopping list her father gave her as she headed off to do his shop for him.

"I’ve finally convinced my parents to let me get their fruit & vege & my dad has now sent me this floor plan of the shop." she wrote!

"Clearly I’m 44 & a total moron!"

The response online was pretty positive towards the man's detailed note...

"The arrows got me good! Like he’s telling you there’s only one route to get the fruit and veg. Don’t be getting the cauliflower before the avocados." one person wrote.

"Love this so much, it's like Mission Impossible, you now have the schematics and now you no longer have to do anything more than get in and out as fast as possible whilst touching as little as possible and keeping away from other people." another person joked.

Maybe your next trip to the supermarket needs a gameplan like this!

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