Dr Jane Goodall reveals her friend Prince Harry is struggling with his new American life

royals 15/04/2020

Since exiting royal life earlier this year alongside his wife Meghan Markle and son Archie, it seems Prince Harry is finding it a little hard to find his feet, with close friend and famous conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall revealing to The Guardian  his new American life “a bit challenging”.

The primatologist and anthropologist shared that she has “been in touch” with Harry since he stepped down his royal duties, explaining that she believes he’s had to make some serious changes in his life as he settles down in the United States with his little family.

“I don’t know how his career is going to map out, but yes, I’ve been in touch, though I think he’s finding life a bit challenging just now,” she told the Radio Times.

Harry, Meghan and Archie officially left their royal roles on March 31, right in the midst of a global pandemic and as soon as they relocated to the US, they began practicing physical distancing, and still haven’t left their home. Which may just well be making it a bit harder for Harry to adapt.