Andrea Bocelli to live stream a free Easter concert from Italian Cathedral

Must See 09/04/2020

It's a performance that often costs hundreds of dollars and sells out in minutes, but this year, everyone is welcome to watch Andrea Bocelli perform Easter Monday from 5am for free. (Or Easter Sunday to those in Italy).

The 61-year-old opera legend will be at Milan's historic Duomo cathedral and accompanied by an organist, he'll perform to empty seats, due to the current pandemic restrictions.

He said that he was invited by the mayor and church of Milan to help lift the spirits of Italians - some of who are entering their fourth week of lockdown.

"I'm very happy to do this," he said. "Also, it's not a performance. It's not a concert. It's only a prayer."

"Of course I answered yes. I will go there to pray, and I'd like to think that everyone listening to me sing can pray with me."

The opera legend crafted a special set for the event, including iconic pieces like Ave Maria. 

If you don't want to miss the live stream, you can set a reminder to watch his performance on the singer's YouTube channel.