20 clever uses for baking soda around the house

Food 02/04/2020

Turns out the staple pantry item of baking soda is very versatile thing to own! The commonly used baking good is great for a whole plethora of things around the house.

Here are 20your sink

  • Cleaning produce

  • Deodorizing your fridge

  • Freshen up your towels

  • Clean jewelry

  • Get stains out of carpet

  • Stop shoes smelling

  • Treating your nails

  • Dry shampooing your hair

  • Cleaning your shower

  • Treating stings

  • Cleaning brushes and combs

  • Soaking in the bath

  • Cleaning your oven

  • Deoderize your carpet

  • Washing your face

  • Clean sponges

  • Creating a natural deodorant

  • Create a washing soda

  • Freshening the air

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