Find some fun Easter Egg Templates for your neighbourhood Easter Egg Hunt here

Must See 07/04/2020

Following on from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern acknowledging that even though the Easter Bunny is an deemed as an essential service here in New Zealand, and thus able to do their work and drop us off some Easter treats, due to having to look after their own bunny family, they may not be able to make it to every Kiwi kids house this Easter.

So, just in case they aren’t able to make it to your neighbourhood, PM Jacinda came up with the genius idea to create a little ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ for your street.

All you would need to do is print out an Easter Egg template (or create your own!) and colour it in. Then, stick it to your window (alongside your teddies if you have some up!) and then you are now part of your neighbourhood’s Easter Egg hunt!

See six fun Easter Egg Templates below :)