Woman reveals her everyday pantry item she uses when doing laundry

Must See 05/03/2020

This mum has shared her slightly odd hack for beautifully smelling and fresh sheets!

In a post on the Mums Who Clean Facebook group, she revealed that she simply adds a small amount of vinegar to her sheets in the dryer and finds the results amazing!

"Now I can save money AND not use toxic chemicals on things that are touching my skin every single day." she wrote.

"They were beautifully soft, smelled amazing and the knowledge that it's cheap and completely natural for my baby's skin made me all the more happy."

She used around 1/4 of a cup of vinegar mixed in with some essential oils.

"Oh wow I didn't know this," wrote one person.

"I have been using vinegar in the rinse water for years, can’t beat it. So far no problems with the machine or the rubbers." added another.

This could be one to try out next washing day!