Woman announces engagement to grandfather through window of his rest home bedroom

Must See 20/03/2020

As the world gets used to the 'new normal', there are certainly some tradtional things that so many of us have been used to that can't happen anymore.

Things like greeting someone with a handshake or a peck on the cheek, attending a community fair, hosting a birthday party and... announcing your engagement to your family.

One woman in the US recently got engaged and wanted to share the happy news with her beloved grandfather who lived in a resthome.

The woman, named Carly, shared a close relationship with her granddad and while she had visited him many times in the past, due to the global pandemic and health concerns for her granddad's fellow rest home members, she had to get creative when showing him.

While she could have picked up the phone, she really wanted to do it in person so showed up outside his bedroom window to announce the news.

It took the grandfather a few minutes to realise what was going on, but he got there.

"She started crying and she told him she loved him and when he told her he loved her, you could hear his voice waver a bit and we lost it at that point," one of the nurses at the rest home said. "I had my cell phone in my hand because I knew it was gonna be good."