This 'wore it once' laundry bag is perfect for people who dump clothes on the floor

Must See 06/03/2020

Chances are you know someone who has a bedroom that looks like their wardrobe has vomitted all across the floor - well now there's a perfect solution for them!

These 'wore it once' washing bags are going viral online at the moment, and are the perfect thing for the messy person in your life... Even if that messy person is you.

"'Wore it once, and I don't want to hang it back up'... Although it's never said out loud, the floor, bed, dresser and lamp speak volumes as they stand covered in clothes!" the Etsy description reads.

"Our laundry bag offers an easy and fast way to pick up - just stuff them in the bag! This large laundry bag is 33" x 24" in size and is made from durable 100% cotton canvas. It makes a perfect gift for a college student that needs to transport their dirty clothes to and from the shared laundry machine or laundry mat."

The bags retail for around $40NZD and are available to purchase online.