Supermarket's dog sofa collection is on every owner's wishlist

Must See 12/03/2020

Any pet lover would tell you how much they love to pamper their pets, and this adorable little dog bed is on the wish list!

Overseas supermarket chain Aldi has gone viral for their collection of tiny sofas for puppies or small dogs, shaped to be a mini couch.

It's perfect for owners who feel bothered when their pets take over the couch, or for those who just want to make sure their canine friends have their own place to sit.

And the beds come in two sizes, one for dogs up to 11kg, and one for dogs up to 45kg.

But of course there will be no promise that your pets will use them, as some owners commented:

"My pups gets as close to me as he can before I get the chance to make myself comfortable. But yes, I leave him and make do!"