Robbie Williams shows off his eldest daughter’s incredible singing talent

music news 25/03/2020

It’s pretty clear to see the singing genes are strong in the Williams household!

Robbie Williams and his wife Adya Field have taken to their social media to show off just how proud they are of their children.

It has just recently gone mother’s day over in the UK, and for their mum, the Williams kids drew her a card and decided to sing her a song - which Adya filmed and put on her Instagram.

"Feeling very grateful for the love of my family and our strength as a unit," she added. "Sending all mommies and mummies, past and present, a big Mother’s Day hug. And to my incredible mommy @go2gwen, thank you for being my beacon and best friend AWxx #mothersday #motherslove #mommylife." Ayda's mum Gwen was quick to reply, writing: "You move me to tears, Ayda. You are my strength and inspiration."