Photo shows grandfather meeting new grandson through glass window, amidst isolation

Must See 24/03/2020

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An Irish woman has shared the heartbreaking moment her father was forced to meet his new grandchild through a glass window while in self-isolation. 

Twitter user Emma posted an image of the scene on social media, writing that it was "three generations of social distancing, as my dad meets his grandson for the first time". 

In the photo, Emma's father stands outside the window looking in, while Emma's brother holds up his newborn son. 

The post has received over 580,000 likes and 79,000 shares, with commenters praising the family for being responsible about keeping the elderly man a safe distance from relatives during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"My goodness please look after your dad with all your might (even if you have to hold him hostage in his shed!)" wrote one woman. "I need to see him holding his first grandchild on the other side of all this." 

"Your dad's face is a picture of mixed emotions. Gorgeous photo and congratulations," wrote another. 

On Sunday Emma posted a follow-up, writing that baby Faolán "is doing great and oblivious to his new fame". 

"My dad is also doing well... he wouldn't let me take a pic of him but he's smiling!... He is looking forward to holding the baby soon."