People have discovered the perfect ‘isolation’ puzzle - it’s 2000 pieces and it’s blank

Must See 31/03/2020

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a puzzler (as many of us are in these times!) then there is a new puzzle you may want to look at sinking your teeth into…

It’s been labeled the ‘Hell Puzzle’ and for a rather good reason.

The puzzle possesses 2000 pieces and each piece is blank.

On the box, it bears warnings such as 'the great king of hell has arrived' and 'please do not buy this if you are a beginner'.

Incidentally, it's literally a blank canvas. There's no indication of what goes where, it's just a white sheet that's been backed and cut up into 2000 separate and individual pieces.

And, if 2000 pieces is a little to daunting for you, the company who created this ‘Hell Puzzle’ also have a slightly easier 1000 piece for you to try tackle too.

Think you know someone willing to give this a nudge?