Most parents believe they make better mums and dads than their own mums and dads

Must See 04/03/2020

When it comes to your parenting style, do you think it's better than how your parents raised you?

According to a new survey, three in four people think parenting is more difficult in the modern world than it was when they were children and because of that, parents in this day and age believe they are better parents than their mums and dads!

"Interestingly, while 77% think they should not expose children to disciplinary parenting practices they endured (spanking, being sent to your room or finishing dinner before leaving the table, adhering to strict bedtime), five in ten would love to share the experience of playing beloved board games with their children." the study said.

"This ranks as high as past-times like books, movies, sports and family meals, with 49% saying they will carry on similar traditions with their kids," the study continued. "It suggests that families still value game time as a very important part of child development."

The majority of people surveyed also noted that they thought parenting was much harder in a modern world. Some reasons included discipline, setting boundaries and rules, education decisions, schedulingand work/life balance.