Little girl wins school book day with epic Ms. Trunchbull costume

Must See 10/03/2020

Roald Dahl created an iconic children's character when he wrote the extraordinary childrens novel, Matilda.

When it was turned into a feature film in the 90s, it touched even more children's lives and became of the most iconic movies of many millennials generation.

Millennials who have their own kids are still passing on the magic of Matilda, and thus it's a popular choice of dress up for school book day.

But, while most kids dress up as Matilda herself or Miss Honey or even little Amanda Thripp, not many dare to go as the scary, evil Ms. Trunchbull.

And if they do, it's very rare they do the costume as much justice as what a young girl named Lilly did.

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Everything from the outfit, the brow, the tight bun and the flushed cheeks are perfect.

It's no wonder little Lilly took out the winner's title at her school book day!