Kiwis are putting teddy bears in their windows to start a nation-wide bear hunt

Must See 25/03/2020

We’re going on a bear hunt and we’re not scared… 

If you’re out for a walk by yourself, or with your bubble, you may notice that there are teddy bears popping up in windows around Kiwi neighbourhoods.

The fun idea was created to help keep New Zealand kids entertained during our nationwide lockdown.

The idea, which has become popular all around the world during the Covid-19 pandemic, is aimed at brightening our little one’s days when they go for walks around the neighbourhood on a social-distanced scavenger hunt.

Those taking part and placing bears in their windows are asked to place a location pin on the official map to let parents know where the teddy bears may be.

So far, bears can be found as far south as Stewart Island, and all the way up into the Far North.

How awesome!

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