Former tattoo artist wows with his ultra-realistic illusion cakes

Must See 12/03/2020

If you looked at Ben Cullen's cakes, you would have never believed he has never gone through any professional baking training.

But the 29-year-old former tattoo artist from the UK has been dubbed 'The Bake King' for his amazing optical illusion creations which have gone viral online.

The baker's incredible creations range from cakes made to look like food, such as an incredibly realistic glass of water, to celebrity likenesses and life-size figures. 

He told the Daily Mail that it only five years ago when he first asked his mum how to bake as he had no previous experience.

"I always wanted to be an artist, since I was a young boy. So growing up any type of art I came across I had to give it a go," he said.

"I had no intention or even knowledge of cake artistry as a type of art. 

"But in 2015 the mum of a customer I was tattooing showed me some cake decorating models she'd made. I was fascinated and had to give it a go, and as soon as I did I became obsessed and wanted to master the craft."

"I made a cake for my dad and a few family and friends as a novelty and for a bit of fun. As I made more and more, I took the making process more seriously and challenged myself to try harder designs."

Check out more of his cake creations designs below!