Couple fool their super clingy cat by creating fake lap for her to sit on

Must See 04/03/2020

It's no secret that some cats love to be super cuddly and curl up in a ball on your lap, or by your feet - or on your head!

And Ziggy, a rescue kitty from the UK, is no different.

The adorable yet demanding cat craves constant attention and is always looking to sit on his owners laps or rub himself on their ankles.

While at first, Ziggys cuddliness was welcomed by his owners, it didn't take long before they started to get a little annoyed at his clingyness - especially since they worked from home.

In a bid to get his owner's attention, Ziggy would climb onto their desks and on their laptops, making work difficult.

Hoping to satisfy Ziggy’s needs, the couple bought their four-legged friend a cat bed to put near them, but found she still wasn’t happy.

It was at this point they thought of the genius idea to create a fake lap for Ziggy to settle on when they can’t sit with her themselves.

Alex took a pair of trousers and stuffed them so they resembled human legs, and then added shoes and a pillow to create a stomach. The real magic touch is the heating pad he slipped into the lap of the jeans.