Best friends of almost two decades discover that they are actually biological sisters

Must See 04/03/2020

Two American woman who have been best friends since they were at primary school have only recently discovered that they are actually biological sisters.

The girls, who have a mere 18 odd months between them in age, always joked and acted like they were related because they got on so well and had so many similarities.

The girls share the same father. And while one of the girls always knew who her biological father was - he has always been a huge part in her life, the other grew up not knowing her biological father but had an incredible stepdad who she called her real dad.

According to their local newssite, the shocking discovery was made after one of the girls got engaged.

In old pictures that were shared on social media after the engagement, someone who was friends with Thomas' late mother recognised Kenneth from decades ago.

When asked about it, Kenneth said that he also recognised the woman, and the connections started to be made.

Those dots, once joined up, prompted them all to have a DNA test. That proved the suspicions that they'd had already - Thomas was also his daughter.

In a Facebook post, the girls announced the happy news.

 "After years of hearing 'Are y'all sisters?" "Y'all look just alike' and us just saying 'NO' we are just best friends the truth finally aired that we are blood sisters!!!"

"That's why we're so similar, that's why we look so alike, that's why we've been inseparable since the 6th grade."

As well as discovering that they're real sisters, the pair have also now become pregnant at the same time. To add yet more intrigue, the fathers of both of their children are brothers, too.