Being kind to strangers can help you live longer - it’s science

Must See 10/03/2020

Some surprising but positive news for you: being kind to others not only makes them feel happier, but also has positive impacts on your health too!

The effect is called a ‘Helper’s High’, working on the philosophy of altruism - the principle and moral practice of concern for the happiness of others.

When you’re nice to others, feel-good chemicals flood your body and give you a temporary high. And these chemicals have great effects on your overall health, all from just a simple act of kindness! 

Serotonin is released - which helps to heal wounds, helps you relax and makes you feel good - as well as endorphins which reduce pain and oxytocin, which reduces your blood pressure. These are all great for your body, helping you live a longer and healthier life. 

Other studies have also found that being kind to others can minimise stress, improve depression, reduce the risk of cognitive impairment and contribute to a sense of belonging, which is a key contributor to a healthy, longer life. Who knew being nice could be so good for you?!

So get out there, be kind to people, and make the world a better place, all while working on your health. Easy as that.