Young girl’s note encouraging people to ‘be kind’ gets turned into epic roadside sign

Must See 25/02/2020

Five year old Eliza is one positive little girl - and she is trying to encourage others to do the same! 

One day, Eliza randomly handed her mum a note with her tips on how people can be happy. 

She told her mum that her one wish is that everyone in her hometown could see the tips and learn from them - so her mum made that happen.

Getting in touch with a digital billboard advertising company, Eliza's mum managed to arrange Eliza's note to be shown on a billboard on the busiest road in their city.

The handwritten message sits on a road that connects many motorists to the main motorway.

It reads:

'Try to be happy. Be Kind. Try not to fall over. Don't forget your keys.'

She signs off, 'Eliza, age 5, from Greystones in Sheffield'.

How cute!

We bet a lot of people could do with seeing something this cute, positive and innocent in their lives.