You could get paid big bucks to lay in a bath for five days

Must See 20/02/2020

Know someone who absolutely loves a bath?

Well they could get the job of a lifetime thanks to the European Space Agency (ESA).

The ESA are looking for multiple people to go to their headquarters in France and relax in a bath for a week.

Basically, you would sit in a dry-immersion bath for five days to test the effects of weightlessness on the human body.

Dry-immersion means that participants lie in the bath on a waterproof sheet, so don't actually get wet.

Explaining the concept, ESA said: "Dry-immersion studies benefit from placing less pressure on the body as volunteers are supported and suspended evenly in the tub, a condition that mimics the floating astronauts experience on the International Space Station."

The actual amount of money you could make by participating in this study is unknown, but by looking at the averages from NASA’s past studies, you will be looking well in to the tens of thousands of dollars.