Women officially need more sleep than men, according to study

health 24/02/2020

You can finally prove it to your partner, women really do need more sleep than men according to researchers at Duke University. 

In a study surveying 210 men and women between the ages of 18 to 65, the researchers found that sleep deprivation has more ill effects on women’s health than men’s.

The participants of the study were asked several questions about their sleep, including about the quality and frequency, as well as health measures such as psychological distress and physical well-being. 

The researchers found that not getting enough sleep on a regular basis is linked with higher rates of inflammation, elevated stress levels, blood sugar regulation problems, increased hostility, and a heightened risk of depression... But only in women. We really draw the short straw here, sorry ladies. 

The researchers suggest this may be because women have less testosterone, which can protect the body's cells from inflammation and may also protect the brain and other organs from sleep deprivation and stress.

As well as these issues, it was found that the more problems women had sleeping, the higher their body mass indexes were. So not only do sleep issues affect your mood, but your weight as well. 

The authors of the study think that the balance of our hormones are to blame - they can be thrown totally out of whack if we don't get enough sleep.

So what can you do? The researchers suggest that instead of desperately trying to boost your testosterone levels, developing a solid bedtime routine should help, as well as giving yourself more time to fall asleep. Putting your phone and laptop down at least an hour before bedtime and ensuring your bedroom is a comfortable, relaxing place to be are also important in ensuring a good night’s rest. 

And yes, you have a better reason for getting annoyed at your partner’s snoring now. You need your beauty sleep more than they do.