Woman warns against this 'E' symbol often on display in supermarkets

Food 24/02/2020

An Aussie woman has started an online discussion after noticing a mysterious 'E' next to the weight on the meat that she bought from the supermarket.

"Seriously Woolworths… I have been buying this mince like this for a while, and not cheap due to trying to cut out fat. I weighed it today and there is less than 300 grams in a supposed 500g pack!" she online.

"I was making a bulk meal as I decided to go back on Weight Watchers, so it called for weighing and I decided to weigh (the) mince … when I opened it I also thought, 'there is no way this is 500 grams of mince',"

"I paid AUD $7.50 for 500 grams and got this! And yes my scales are fine I use them daily by (the) way. How many people are you ripping off (by) including the packaging weight?"

On the packaging the woman also noticed a large 'E' symbol next to the weight, which in actual fact stands for 'estimated'. 

A food expert wrote that the symbol is common as it can be hard for food packers to accurately pack the correct amount 100% of the time.

"There will always be a margin of inaccuracy." they said.

So if you notice the symbol on meat around the place - now you'll know that the weight next to it is a rough guide not an exact weight!